Thursday, 8 May 2008

Birthday wishes delivered by hand... Shanghai Shoe here I come!

It is such a coincidence that I should arrive in Shanghai on 8th May, Shanghai Shoe's birthday! It is unfortunate, however, that we both have got separate engagements tonight and won't be able to meet. Nevetheless, we shall save the big bang birthday bash for Friday.

Shanghai Shoe, you have just ran out of change! Happy Birthday!

This year, I have made Shoe her birthday present. A calendar running from May 08 to Apr 09, personalised with birthdays of family/friends and other important dates. Shoe will never miss a birthday again.

Featuring my star poochie, Cowboy, as model for the calendar. No kidding, he is famous. One of the first things that Shoe's friend in Shanghai asked me when we were introduced was that.... "Are you Cowboy's owner?".

Next Stop: Shanghai

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ssr said...

Wonderful gift!!! Next...consider a photo scrapbook!