Wednesday, 14 May 2008

How to enhance travelling experience?

We went to the Shilin night market, however was left unimpressed. To introduce some excitment to the boring evening, I suggested eating smelly beancurd. "Enhance our travelling experience" were the exact words I used.

Ahem... the smell that put me off on the streets in Shanghai, the snack that made me frown in Hong Kong, is now back to haunt in Taipei. Smelly beancurd stayed close by my side. I borrowed courage from my HK and Taiwanese colleagues (who assured me that it doesn't taste any bit like it smells... LIARS!) and went ahead with my little culinary adventure.


Step 1: Find a stall that sells smelly beancurd. The more smelly the better. This is the one. See 臭豆腐repeated 4 times!

Step 2: Examine my beancurd in making and try hard not to regret.

Step 3: Eat! It didn't smell a thing when it was served. But, one bite of it was enough to prove that it tastes exactly like it smells. Have you ever smelled sewage? Well, this is exactly it.

Propose a toast with bubble tea to celebrate my success in completing the "smelly beancurd challenge".

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