Monday, 5 May 2008

Hong Kong (in transit)

The last thing I remembered about my previous overseas trip is that I gripped on tightly to the arm rest as the plane was touching down in Changi and the nice German lady sitting beside me told me that she is also afraid of take off and landing.

It's starting all over now, I am on the road again.

The last time I visited Hong Kong was 2 years ago. Nothing much has changed, except the airport looks more worn out than before. Thanks to the staff from the airport limousine counter, I spent 10 times less money than it would have cost me if I had taken a taxi to the hotel. He recommended the public airport bus which cost only HK$20... hmm...aren't we suppose to splurge on business trips?

Since shopping is not my "thing", Hong Kong is really quite a boring place for me. Surely not the Ladies Market on every visit? And you wouldn't expect I will go to Lan Kwai Fong alone?

I held my breath as I stepped out of East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station. The smell of masala in the air didn't killed me as yet. And those water dropping down from no where onto my head... I refused to think what they are. This is the infamous Chung King Building.

In absolute contrast, the other side of Tsim Sha Tsui offers magnificent view of Hong Kong Island.

At 8pm, the light/laser show.

Here I am looking at the bright lights from buildings on Hong Kong Island. They reminded me of something I love. I love the view on either side of Huang Pu Jiang: The Bund or Pudong are equally beautiful by night. 3 more days, I will be sitting at the outdoor terrace of some restaurant along The Bund admiring the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Every time I see a night like this, when the dark sky and backdrop are decorated with millions of lights from the skyscrappers, I can't help but feel the dilemma of how extravagant this beauty is. Imagine the energy and resources needed to create this scene, only to please the casual vistors and indiscriminating tourists. What will be left behind after this beauty burns away? Maybe it's darkness. Maybe it will be flood. And all that we ever love and always treasure will be gone.

Still, I watch with awe as the laser beam shone into the far distance, at the same time burning away my battery.

Olympic mascots, Fu Wa. All ready for sports!

Next stop: Dongguan

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ssr said...

Make the best out of this business trip and add in more leisure. B4 u know it, you'll back and stuck on sunny isle again.