Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Taipei... The world's highest

Finally arrived in Taipei on Sunday evening after travelling for 8 hours... I was almost dead.

My first impression of Taiwan wasn't great. Firstly, the long flight has worned me out completely. Then, at the airport immigration, I had some troubles with the duty officer as my photo in the passport was accidentally dirtied and I had an extra mold on my face.

But as usual, the warmth of my colleagues melted me down almost immediately.

And I can't wait to go see the world's highest building (at least for now), Taipei 101. Extremely impressive and I love it! A lot of thoughts have been put into building this magnificent structure... will discuss about this later.

101 from Grand Hotel in Yuan Shan

At the 91st storey, looking up at 101 (508 metres) and Damper baby that keeps the building stable.

Breathtaking view from 89 storey.

By the way, in case you are worried, as you can see I have left China and the earthquake in Sichuan hasn't affected my travelling plans at all. When disaster like that happens, I am always grateful that my loved ones are safe and sound. Know what I mean? I am just glad that this did not happen at home.

Say a prayer tonight with me, if you would.

Tomorrow: Tokyo (Final Destination)

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