Sunday, 25 May 2008

Looking at a piece of my past through Gallery

I open my letter box everyday, what I consider far from being my favourite routine. Yet I am always hoping for surprises, that could emerge from the thick stack of bills and unwanted pamphlets.

There are two things I am delighted to receive: the bi-annual progress report from my sponsored child in Sri Lanka and the Gallery.

Gallery, a publication from the "Public Water Closet" company which I am thrilled to read. As I flipped through the pages of this colourful magazine, filled with photographs of some whom I still remember, but mostly of faces of strangers, I am reminded of my "old life"... 7 years of joy, 7 years of pain, 7 years of fulfilment, 7 hectic years.

I am always having mixed feelings when I reflect on those years I have spent with the firm. It is true that I miss the fun and glamour contained in those pages, miss the company of my great friends and colleagues, but I know how I would have to suffer, for all those "fun and glamour" that I miss. Though I have never regretted any minute of these 7 years, and I might even chose the same route if time were to be reversed, it is impossible however to imagine that I would return to embrace all of it now. I guess they are already way pass my limits.

An ex-colleague asked me recently, "How is life out there?". I say it is great. But I have left out the details on how great life can be, when I take a step back and realise how beautiful this world is, when I watch a sunrise and know that it will be another lovely day, when I lie in bed each night, my mind making way only for the sweetest dreams.

So what do I mean by all these? I am truly grateful for my life today, grateful for having friends like you, grateful for being able to travel (Siberia, Tibet, soon London!)... and nothing of these would have been possible without those years that have passed.

Of my past, I savor; Of the present, I cherish; Of my future, I anticipate.

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