Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Dongguan (东莞) Day 1

My travel schedule today is as follows:

Hotel in HK --15mins walk--> Train Station --30mins on train--> HK & Shenzhen border --walk up and down 2 flights of stairs (with suitcase)--> HK Immigration --walk--> China Immigration --walk--> Shenzhen Custom --Being questioned by duty officer why I had 2 lenses and asked if they have been declared. Refuted his ridiculous request and was granted passage--> Shenzhen --private car 1 hour--> Dongguan.

I am trying to forget how hard it was to travel from Hong Kong to Dongguan this morning, amidst the comfort of the hotel room.

One minute I am like a scavanger, lugging my suitcase, boarding train and crossing the border on foot; the next minute I am pampered in a gigantic room with private balcony and king size bed. I know everyone goes to Shenzhen this way, but I bet none are in suit and high heel shoes, dragging a luggage, with laptop on the back and camera sling in front.

Hardship, plain hardship. Next time I have to think twice before coming here.

After enduring the worst travelling arrangement on my business trips, I checked-in to the most luxurious hotel I have stayed in so far on these trips.

Woooo... want to relax in a bubble bath without missing your favourite TV program? Easy, build a glass wall in the bathroom. First it was bathroom without door in Vienna, now it's a see through bathroom in Dongguan. What's next?

And here's a "sleazy" photo of me in the tub. Haha... Big sacrifce made to have this photo taken. Water wasted is enough for my laundry in the next 10 days.

I mean the environment has been sacrificed lah... you think what?

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