Saturday, 10 May 2008

It's summer in Shanghai... almost

Shanghai Shoe said that I should start a photo collection of The Bund and Pudong at different times of the year. She was teasing me on how similar my shots tonight were compared to those she has seen previously. And "Aurora", it's impossible not to remember this name.

But this is what I love most about Shanghai, so much that I would visit 外滩 twice in day: once in the morning, once at night, just for the spectacular view along HPJ. Maybe it's the air along the river, the smelly HPJ is simplying intoxicating.

Did I mention before why I love the Oriental Pearl? It is definitely not the most magnificent structure I have ever seen but it is so ridiculous on the contrary that it steals all the limelight. The cityscape of Pudong looks absolutely bizarre with the Oriental Pearl standing amidst the other modern buildings, which are already unsynchronised on their own. With the illuminations at night, I always feel that I am looking at a totally different place out in the galaxy.

So how does this compare to the view of Hong Kong from Tsim Sha Tsui? Pudong still retain first place in my heart. Congratulations! :-P

View from terrace of M on The Bund (No 5. 中山东路-, near广东路)

I like this restaurant, M on the Bund. It is where I would feel really at ease as a foreigner (ha, how not to when 70% of the crowd are ang mohs) and the view is unbeatable. Ok, give some credit to the restaurant, the food are really nice too but rather expensive.

Today, I shall become a "make-shift" tour guide to bring my Austrian colleague around Shanghai. It's her first time in China, and I am thinking what kind of memories I would want her to take away from this first experience. "Culture shock" is what I have planned for her on top of the list.

A foreigner seeing China from the eyes of another foreigner, that's not such a good deal but is as best as she can get. Thank goodness it's only for day!

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