Thursday, 22 May 2008

Louise, here is your rainbow

RED is for courage.

May you find courage to stand by what you believe and never give up on your dreams.

May you be brave to battle the odds in life and to overcome all obstacles ahead.

ORANGE is for vitality.

May you have vitality to do everything you love, be it sports, travel or work.

May you retain energy to live life to the fullest and never feel weary.

YELLOW is for happiness.

That's the most important of all... I pray for you to have a rose garden and blessed with many blissful moments in life.

GREEN is for well-being.

May you enjoy good health and be free from sickness and diseases.

This, I wish the same for your family, friends and colleagues.

BLUE is for peace.

For peace of mind, peace in your heart and world peace.

INDIGO is for intuition.

May your intuitions guide you to always make the right decisions.

May you have good sense of directions and never lost your way.

VIOLET is the colour of purpose.

Some spent their whole life searching for a purpose but only in vain.

May you find your purpose and unfold the true meaning of life.

I hope you'll like the rainbow, and not that pot of gold at the end.

Happy Birthday to You!

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dRiZzz said...

wow... tt was pretty creative!