Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Riches to Rags story

Tokyo is a city of extravagance. I experienced it for the first time on my last visit in September 07. The comfort and luxury are sometimes so exaggerated that I often feel "disgusted" by them.

Just look at how many little luxuries found in Prince Park Tower Hotel, which I stayed in.

From top right (clockwise): My private in-room coffee machine; Selection of accessories, including hair clips and mask; Signature toiletries; Bath tub with jacuzzi; And my favourite part of the bathroom... I brush my teeth every morning looking out into Tokyo city.

And of course, a view of the magnificent Tokyo Tower!

Unfortunately, fairy tales do come to end. I moved to a cheap hotel for the weekend. The room rate is 50% cheaper than Prince Park, but quality... definitely more than 50% lower. The Hotel Asia Center of Japan.

Sorry the room appears to be messy... no, in fact it is really messy because it's so small that I cannot find anywhere else to hide my stuff when I took this picture.

The hotel is so basic that there is almost no service... cannot even book airport transfer with the hotel. But if you want it cheap, this is the place. Location is pretty central and at the same time not too crowded.

But, let's see if I will say the same after tomorrow. I will be struggling to take a taxi to another hotel to transfer onto an airport bus... with my additional piece of luggage.

Don't ask what this is. I am just in charge of delivery.

Luggage count: 1.Suitcase 2.Laptop bag 3.Camera 4.Box of stuff 5.Brandy cake from Japanese colleagues.

I am seriously contemplating on dropping one of the above before tomorrow morning... I guess the choice is clear... or a close fight between 2 of them?

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