Sunday, 11 May 2008

Shanghai impression: 3rd attempt

Setting off again, from Shanghai to Taipei. Will be stranded in 3 different countries in the next 8 hours; now I am suffering the consequences of history and war.

I find it hard to believe that I like this city so much and indeed Shanghai surprises me every time I come. The echoes of 80,000 people in Shanghai Stadium, the last sunset of 2007 in Puxi, and fireworks along HPJ on a random saturday evening.... wow, I do not know what to expect on my next visit.

On my first visit to Shanghai last year, I was promised that Jinmao Building will be taken over by another as the highest building in Shanghai the next time I come. Hmm, checking on the progress after my 3rd visit... it still looks like there is a little more to go.

And despite all that have changed, this piece of Shanghai has been well preserved for my return. Never get an overdose, never.

Next Stop: Taipei

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