Thursday, 29 May 2008


People who know me will be aware how I contradict myself a lot of times, how I am always having confusing thoughts and perpetually in a dilemma.

I analysed my life, my upbringing and education to determine what made me into a person like this. I finally concluded that it has to do with my parentage.

+Entrepreneurial BUT
- Conservative (this is a nice way of saying "old-fashioned" which is what I really mean)

His entrepreneurial spirit caused him to be away from home for the longest time when I was growing up. His business ventures didn't extend very far beyond the region but was at the most remote places in the neighbouring countries. It was so remote that our family has never visited him at work, except for a trip to Brunei, which I could barely remember now.

Yet he wouldn't allow me to take any risk with my life. It was suffocating to grow up under strict "surveillance" and in the most traditional ways. Where did all the creativity and risk taking spirits go to? Imagine I was just told off recently for having a soft drink at dinner. Hmmm.....

- Risk adversed BUT

She is the pillar of strength in our family, and all those year she stood by her postion and never wavered. Without her dedication and sacrifices, I can never become the person I am today.

She never took big risks in her life, and the same applied as she was showing me the ways to grow up. Her advices to me have been trial and tested; never mind times have changed, the basic logics are always valid. Life can never be so wrong if you follow the rules of thumb.

As risk adversed as a person like my mum, I thought I would get a big lecture when I told her I went up to Taipei 101 on the day when Sichuan had the earthquake. Funny... all she asked was, "how is the view up there?"

And I haven't mention that she told me the roller coaster in Genting wasn't thrilling enough.... after she completed her ride.

As a result, I am who I am. You can see all my parents' contradicting traits in me. My "contradictions" surround my life, even my lunch... Healthy + Not so healthy.

Coke... my spring of life!

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